High Doom

The Fall Of The West (FPS)
Save your town from underground monsters
My contributions
-Menu system and loading of menus from JSON
-GUI rendering system
-Network Backend

Setlers Of Hozanek

Point and Click
The first game I made at The Game Assembly. A point and click about a spaceship on its way to crash into a planet it was supposed to colonise.
It was made during 8 weeks by 11 students
My Contributions:
-Base code structure
-Tool to create rooms from XML-files exported from Photo-Shop
-Sound design

Decaying Orbit

Space Shooter
A 3D Space shooter made in our own engine about a lonely vigilante trying to escape a planet. Made over 10 weeks by 12 students
My contributions:
-Lua Script system,
-Component system,
-Loading of level data from Lua files,
-Exporting of unity scenes to Lua,
-Objective markers.


Point and Click
A Point and click game about Azar who finds a strange object in the woods
My Contributions
-Loading of rooms from XML
-Event system using scripts written in XML

Hat N’ Slash

Hack and slash (real time strategy)
A hack and slash made over 10 weeks by 12 student's about a lone adventurer on journey for the most amazing hat
My contributions:
-Loading of level data from JSON files exported from unity,
-Objective and event system,
-A system for displaying in-game dialogues.


Turn Based Strategy
It's war! The feud started when the kids on the other side of the street stole your mittens. Now two siblings must go behind enemy lines to get the mittens back and disarm the enemy.
A project made over 8 weeks in c++
My Contributions
-Pathfinding with Dijkstra's Algorithm
-Navigation grid
-NPC Pathing
-Loading of data exported from Tiled Map Editor