Decaying Orbit


You are a mercenary stuck in the magnetic field of a planet and need to collect energy crystals to break free and get away.

The Project:

The game was made while I studied on the game assembly. We were 12 students from different disciplines and we had 10 weeks. It’s using our own GameEngine written in c++.

My Contributions:

  • Lua script implementation
  • Component system base
  • Loading of level data from Lua files
  • Exporting of unity scenes to Lua
  • Objective markers


  • Hampus Huledal(programmer)
  • Johan Hagelqvist(programmer)
  • Alex Pettersson(programmer)
  • Marcus Malmqvist(programmer)
  • Carl Berger(programmer)
  • Kyle Thorburn(programmer)
  • Edvin Jacobsson(programmer)
  • Alexander Samuelsson(artist)
  • Emil Assarsson(artist)
  • Anna Jönsson(artist)
  • Diana Riveiro(level designer)
  • Andreas W. Yngvesson(level designer)