Hat N’ Slash


You’re a lonely adventurer hacking and slashing your way to the absolutely finest hat.


This game was made over duration ten weeks with at team consisting of 12 student’s, 7 programmers, 3 graphics artist and 2 level designers, from the game assembly.

My contributions:

  • Loading of level data from JSON files exported from Unity
  • Objective and event system
  • System for displaying in-game dialogues between the player character and an NPC


  • Hampus Huledal(programmer)
  • Johan Hagelqvist(programmer)
  • Alex Pettersson(programmer)
  • Marcus Malmqvist(programmer)
  • Carl Berger(programmer)
  • Kyle Thorburn(programmer)
  • Edvin Jacobss0n(programmer)
  • Alexander Samuelsson(artist)
  • Emil Assarsson(artist)
  • Anna Jönsson(artist)
  • Diana Riveiro(level designer)
  • Andreas W. Yngvesson(level designer)