High Doom


Their greed knew no bounds, every week they dug deeper in search of riches and in the deep they found something. A horrible evil that soon spread through the town enslaved its people and now, a Hero enters the scene. A girl who would do anything to bring her old town back from the grasp of the creatures.


This fps was made over the duration of 10 weeks with a team of 12 people from different disciplines in our own engine written in c++.

My Contributions:

  • Menu system and loading of menus from JSON.
  • GUI rendering system.
  • Network backend


  • Hampus Huledal(programmer)
  • Johan Hagelqvist(programmer)
  • Alex Pettersson(programmer)
  • Marcus Malmqvist(programmer)
  • Carl Berger(programmer)
  • Kyle Thorburn(programmer)
  • Edvin Jacobsson(programmer)
  • Mikael ”Legato” Enarsson(programmer)
  • Alexander Samuelsson(artist)
  • Emil Assarsson(artist)
  • Anna Jönsson(artist)
  • Mikaela Stulen(artist)
  • Michael Tran(arist)
  • Diana Riveiro(level designer)
  • Andreas W. Yngvesson(level designer)